We Help Athletes Optimize Their Performance & Maximize Potential Through
Athletic Myoneural Optimization.

What Is AMO?

Athletic Myoneural Optimization (AMO) is a unique and comprehensive technique that uses a process to improve the communication pathways between the Central Nervous System (the brain) and the Peripheral Nervous System (the body).

What We Do to Help You

We specialize in Neuromuscular Therapy, supported by Analytics & Performance Optimization.To begin the process, we use statistical data, video analysis, and metrics-based evidence to pinpoint factors that hinder athletic performance.Based on the review of medical information, assessment, and evaluation, we work with you to create a personalized strategic plan to overcome and resolve performance limitations.Our holistic approach is tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

We Call This Process

Athletic Myoneural Optimization

How Do I Know If AMO Is Right For Me?

If You Suffer From:

  • Concussions, Post-Concussion Syndrome, or lingering concussion-related symptoms

  • Mental health challenges (PTSD, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, athletic confidence, etc.)

  • Difficulty managing high stress levels

  • Unresolved pain and discomfort

  • Slow recovery from fatigue and exhaustion

  • Time management constraints for rehabilitation and recovery

  • Repeat strains; acute and chronic injuries; being injury-prone; or extensive physical wear and tear

  • Career jeopardy (age, unresolved injuries, performance issues, relevance, etc.)

  • Dissatisfaction with current athletic-rehab results

If You Require:

  • Alternative and tailored solutions for your performance needs

  • Overall improved efficiencies of physical, mental, and emotional well-being

  • Accelerated post-surgical recovery

  • A needed performance edge

  • Career longevity

  • Improved time management

  • Maximized recovery

If You Are Seeking:

  • Effective, efficient, and reliable year-round Myoneural care beginning in the off-season, through to the playoffs

  • Off-season conveniences of our exceptional specialized services, including when you travel

  • Greater confidence

  • Improved strength, speed, flexibility, reflexes, and agility

  • Next-level career breakthroughs

  • To maximize future contracts

  • A second opinion consult, with outside-the-box thinking

How We Help You

Step 1: Educate

After our analysis, we will educate you about the underlying physical, mental, and emotional issues causing your limitations and drawbacks.

Step 2: Assess/Evaluate

We use an all-encompassing, comprehensive approach by asking insightful questions to understand you and your situation better.We then do our specialized assessment (muscle testing, sensory-motor testing, state of emotions, gait analysis, meridian challenges, etc.).This evaluation will support our findings by revealing the early origins of current long-standing chronic issues.We routinely review these findings during the relationship-building process to stabilize, then secure, the mind and body connection & overall functional efficiency.

Step 3: Implement Strategy

The process is completely safe, drug-free, and painless. By finding key anchor points (found in Step 2), gentle stimulation is applied to strategic cortical and neurologically receptive points, which aid in restoring the sensory-motor loop.During this time, you may feel an increased sense of overall well-being. Other sensations can be described as soothing, calming, relaxing, and noticeably positive.

Step 4: Re-Screen

A re-screening process of Step 2 is repeated to determine quantifiable changes.

Step 5: Results

Once the communication link between the brain and body is established, some changes can be felt immediately. Strong, reliable signaling reinforces stability, function, and confidence; ultimately allowing you to optimize your performance.

Success Stories

"I was hesitating to shoot the ball with my left foot, I was scared to hurt it, but I felt a lot better after the treatment and I felt more natural when I was playing again."

"His education helps me understand the 'why'; it's another level of service; you need the extra edge in recovery and performance. Paul is the guy for that."

"The fact that Paul was able to resolve my injuries, in LESS time than all the other 'professionals' that I've visited... Words can't describe how phenomenal that man is."

" I got full ROM back on my shoulders, able to bench-press and play hockey again. With physio, I didn't see much progress after a year of going weekly. But I saw instantaneous results after the first couple of sessions
with Paul."

"Paul's overall approach is A LOT better than most medical doctors, and I've seen a lot of MDs in my lifetime. He's NOT the 'cookie-cutter', 'fill out the form', 'let me look at it', or 'take a pill and you'll feel better' guy. The visits are just great."

"I've had a herniated disk. Some of the pain, Paul got rid of it in the first two sessions. After the first session, I noticed a difference.
There should be more people like him around."

Nearly 30 Years

of Experience & Expertise in Athletic Myoneural Optimization

Paul Kirpal R.M.T., D.Ac.
President, CEO
Sports Health & Performance Consultant

Paul Kirpal is the President, CEO, and Sports Health & Performance Consultant of AMO Sports Consulting.Paul is a Registered Massage Therapist and a distinguished Myoneural/Neuromuscular Specialist.He has nearly 30 years of educational, practical, and professional experience. His areas of expertise include: Myoneural Therapy, Massage Therapy, Neurological Integration, Craniosacral Therapy, Acupuncture, Trigenics, and Matrix Repatterning.Paul’s knowledge of both Western and traditional Eastern medicine has led him to better understand human functionality and the importance of the mind & body connection.He has a special ability to continually provide remarkable results for his patients. His extensive education, training, and experience has allowed him to develop a distinct and unique approach to treatment methods, enabling him to achieve unparalleled outcomes in his field. Read more...

We use specialized knowledge and neuromuscular expertise to enable NBA players to achieve their Athletic goals by leveraging the benefits of Myoneural therapy for performance Optimization. Additionally, we help extend athletic durability through proven metrics-based evidence, utilizing a holistic approach.

Get Real Results Now

Typical rehabilitation services often produce limited results and are also time-consuming. AMO is distinctively different, as it can provide a wide range of sought after results in a shorter period of time.After meeting with us, you will have a clear understanding of our process and will be equipped with the knowledge required to take the necessary next steps toward positive, consistent, and reliable results in your athletic performance and potential.We understand that each athlete is unique, so we tailor our plan to fit your individual lifestyle. We provide logistical conveniences to improve time management by delivering unmatched professional services.With our expertise in Athletic Myoneural Optimization, we will help guide you on your path to greater success.

Take the first step to achieve next-level results...

Experience the Power of AMO

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  • Athletes suffering from unresolved pain and discomfort

  • Athletes suffering from dissatisfaction with current athletic rehab results

  • Athletes who require accelerated post-injury recovery (drug-free)

  • Athletes seeking a professional second opinion consult, with outside-the-box thinking

  • Athletes seeking effective, efficient, and reliable year-round care beginning in the off-season, through to the playoffs

Maximize Your Potential

Our vision is to transcend the boundaries of traditional sports rehabilitation by providing athletes with cutting-edge performance optimization solutions, empowering players to achieve higher levels of success in the NBA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AMO?

Athletic Myoneural Optimization (AMO) is a unique and comprehensive technique that uses a process to improve the communication pathways between the Central Nervous System (the brain) and the Peripheral Nervous System (the body).

Is this service a tax-deductible expense?

Yes. Your receipt for this service is issued as a Healthcare Consulting Service, which allows you a 100% tax deduction for fees incurred. You will have to notify your bookkeeper and accountant so this expense can be allocated and filed accordingly.

Is AMO safe?

Yes, AMO is safe. The process is entirely drug-free and painless. By finding key anchor points, gentle stimulation is applied to strategic cortical and neurologically receptive points.

What is the process that is being used?

NIS is a system of investigation that isolates and corrects faults in the cellular signaling process derived from human neurological interaction - our action potential. The action potential is what enables our body to communicate to every cell, under the control of the brain.

How long before I see results?

Results will vary from person to person, depending on the length of time the person has had the complaint, the severity, genealogy, and their age. Some results will be noticed immediately. The neurological signaling will continue to improve and build in subsequent visits.

What does a personalized plan mean?

During our consultations, we will discuss logistical and scheduling requirements, in order to tailor a plan that fits your unique needs and lifestyle.

Have a General Inquiry?

If you have a general inquiry and would like to speak to our expert team,
Fill out the form below, call, or contact us via email: info@amosportsconsulting.com

Ready to take the first step to achieving next-level results?

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Paul Kirpal

R.M.T., D.Ac.President, CEOSports Health & Performance Consultant


For nearly 30 years, Paul has been a Registered Massage Therapist with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. Since graduating with his diploma in 1995, he has gained a wealth of knowledge through continuing education, mentoring, and clinical practice. He is now a proficient Myoneural/Neuromuscular Specialist, an exceptional healthcare practitioner who works to improve the body's nervous system and musculoskeletal function.Paul’s knowledge of both Western and traditional Eastern medicine has led him to better understand human functionality and the importance of the mind & body connection. Learning both medical disciplines has allowed him to be creative in his approach to identifying, resolving, and delivering extraordinary results in patient outcomes.Through the experiences he has seen in clinical practice, he has decided to take his skills and expertise to pursue a lifelong dream of working with professional basketball players, helping them to achieve more in their careers.Paul believes that in order for an athlete to perform at the highest level, their mind, body, and spirit must work efficiently and synergistically, especially during critical moments of play. This means having focus and internal calmness; an efficient pain-free body with fluid movements; as well as confidence and determination within.Paul respects and admires athletic proficiency at all levels in sports, especially basketball. From years of watching sports, he grew increasingly bothered by how athletic injuries led to performance issues and consequences such as: forced early retirement or the end of an athletic career, surgeries from athletic injuries, chronic pain, mental health struggles, and having to use medications, just to name a few. Not to mention the financial loss of future contracts and earnings that become immeasurable.Paul is an aspirant of Dr. Leo Rosenberg, D.C. (deceased) who served 2 terms as President of the Chiropractic College of Ontario and the Ontario Chiropractic Association; and Dr. Leo Luk, M.D. (retired); Neurological Integration Practitioner, Acupuncturist, Osteopath, Naturopath, and Homeopath.For about 13 years, Dr. Leo Luk, mentored Paul, teaching and guiding him on how to competently treat pain and physical symptoms in patients, using a method that was safe, gentle, and drug-free which involved stimulation of the brain, body, and cortical contact points.Paul found this method quickly stabilized and improved patients’ functionality and symptoms. He continued to master this advanced approach required to effectively screen the sensory-motor loop. Paul then applied his knowledge of Eastern Medical Theory with this refined skill, which then yielded some very impressive results for his patients.This training and greater understanding also helped Paul find answers to some of his questions:1) How and why can a traumatic incident, years later, still have an impact on the individual? What has this Fear, Anger, Grief, Worry, and Sadness done to impact their life?2) When the traumatic incident is recalled, what implications does an athlete suffer from while performing?3) Can anything be done safely and non-invasively to change this trauma? If so, what?When emotional trauma, negative thoughts, and false perceptions pervade the mind of an athlete, it shows up in everything they do. Without a positive mindset, the athlete struggles to find the will to win and the determination to finish. This drains mental strength and energy, giving the opposite effect of what is required at those critical moments. When stress levels rise, it takes away from the natural ease of flow required to excel. Once this struggle occurs, confidence is lost, and their mindset shifts from kill mode to survival mode.Similarly to how our brain and memory work, cell memory is a cell's history of both good and bad moments. Gentle stimulation of a traumatized area, followed by the sensory-motor loop test, will uncover any Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that is still stored in the cell memory. Identifying PTSD cells and addressing them correctly, by using positive imagery, cortical anchor points, and neurological integration, allows for powerful changes to occur. It helps the individual overcome past traumas, which they may or may not know have been holding them back. This will allow the athlete to move past this retained PTSD, which will then improve performance.Simply put, experiences become deeply embedded within cells, long after the event actually occurs. This can be severely damaging to emotions, psyche, and self-esteem.By accessing the brain's cortical points to tap into the cell memory mechanism, Paul utilizes the tenets of law that apply to Eastern Medical Theory. These principles and laws of Chinese Medicine have been established and used for over 3,000 years. Chinese Yin and Yang philosophy are applied in conjunction with neurological integration, which provides an optimized response. When Paul used this approach with his patients, they reported better-than-expected results, which brought him back to how beneficial this could be for an athlete in the high-pressure moments of competition.After decades of refining his craft, Paul is ready to commit his future efforts towards having a meaningful impact in basketball, primarily through the gifts and talents of Canadian-born NBA players.Paul has a special ability to continually provide remarkable results to his patients.When he is not using his skills to help his patients go from a place of management (existing) to a road to recovery (living), Paul is dedicated to higher learning and has more than 8,000 hours of educational training and mentoring experience in advanced specialized areas, including: Neurology Mentoring, Neurological Integration, Craniosacral Therapy, Acupuncture, Eastern Medical Theory, Energy Medicine Mentoring, Trigenics, and Matrix Repatterning.Biology and Human Sciences had always interested Paul from a young age. After graduating high school in 1993, he enrolled in a comprehensive and extensive 2200-hour program (equivalent to medical school study) at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Sutton West, Ontario. After graduating in 1995 as a Registered Massage Therapist, he immediately enrolled at the Upledger Institute, to learn Craniosacral Therapy. In 1999, he was accepted into the Shiatsu School of Canada Acupuncture Institute program, where he learned Acupuncture and Eastern Medical Theory. Then, from 2000-2002, he learned Trigenics, a Neuromuscular specialty, with the Trigenics Institute of Myoneural Medicine in Toronto.In 2010, his training became more refined when he learned Matrix Repatterning from Dr. George Roth in Aurora, Ontario. This is where he learned that when a patient was experiencing chronic recurrent pain symptoms, it was likely due to a prior unresolved injury site far from where the symptom and complaint were. Treat the source, and the symptom goes away. This approach to healthcare combined careful observation with specific hand placement, while applying the correct amount of pressure to soothe and coddle the affected cells, alleviating the abnormal pressure tension contained within the traumatized cells. This subtle pressure was enough to restore cell functionality to the damaged tissues, improving the patient’s symptoms.Around the same time, Paul was introduced to Neurological Integration Systems, which is a process used to improve the communication between the Central Nervous System and the Peripheral Nervous System. The neurology mentoring from Dr. Leo Rosenberg, combined with the skills gained from Dr. George Roth and Dr. Leo Luk, allowed him to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to excel in his career. Paul continued to sharpen his practitioner skills, which evolved into an effective subtle approach that produced noticeable and powerful results that were felt immediately by patients. Again, this made Paul think about how beneficial this would be for any athlete.“In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.”― Buckminster R. Fuller

About Paul

Paul is the third of five children. His parents were landed immigrants to Toronto, Ontario from Guyana in 1972. Like many other immigrant families at the time, his birth made him a Canadian citizen and allowed his family to officially become naturalized Canadian citizens. He resided in North York, and then in Rexdale where he spent his formative years. Living in low-income housing projects, while his parents worked blue-collar jobs, was challenging. Paul was able to stay safe and out of trouble by working hard at school and keeping busy by playing basketball and hockey. It was during this time in the 1980s that he grew up watching the NHL and NBA, and became a big fan of NBA basketball.Paul is fortunate to have a very healthy work-life balance by ensuring he creates flexible work schedules for himself. He values spending quality time with his family. He has been happily married for just over 25 years and has two children aged 18 and 21. He enjoys travelling and trying new things with them. When he has spare time, he loves sport fishing and his pictures are legendary! He is also a Porsche enthusiast. Paul is happy to kick around at a flea market, and he continues to indulge in a lifelong hobby of collecting sports cards and comic books.Now that his youngest child graduated high school this year, Paul is ready to actively pursue his lifelong dream of working with NBA athletes. It just so happens that as he waited for the perfect opportunity, it was actually being drawn closer to him, as Canada started to produce its own homegrown NBA talent.Paul is proud of all his accomplishments and is grateful for the opportunity to use his talents and skills to make a difference by helping others in effective and powerful ways. He is eager and excited to write the next chapter in his life and career.Once project AMO is rolled out successfully, Paul envisions a legacy side-project in mentoring and sharing this special knowledge with future generations.


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